Mongol Empire era settlement found in Iran

Excavations at Jogh Qelich Baghi Castle Hill, Hamedan province, Iran, unearthed remains of a settlement dating to the Ilkhanid Era – times of a khanate formed as part of the Mongol Empire.

Ilkhanid Era structures (by Islamic Republic News Agency)

The site is located on an area of 1.5 hectares on a 15-metre-high Ramezanzadeh Hill. Researchers believe that the settlement was used by a rural community, judging from the materials used in construction, namely adobe bricks. The stratigraphy of the site suggests that it functioned in a period between the Old Bronze Era up to the Ilkhanid Era. The structures at the site were built with a combination of adobe and stone, however a relatively strong and regular stone architecture belonging to the older periods can be observed at the site as well.

(after Islamic Republic News Agency)

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