Ornamented bronze axe found in a stream

An anonymous man found a bronze axe head in a stream in Postołów, south-eastern Poland. The artefact was handed over to the Historical Museum in Sanok, making it the third such object in the collection.

Side of the axe (by Dariusz Szuwalski & Muzeum Historyczne W Sanoku)
Other side of the axe (by Dariusz Szuwalski & Muzeum Historyczne W Sanoku)

Archaeologists believe that the find may be even 3000 years old. So far from the area of Postołów there were no bronze artefacts known. As the object was found in a stream it is believed that it does not indicate a presence of an prehistoric settlement, but may possibly be a ritual offering made through drowning it in the water. Analysis of how long the axe spent in the water and the type of metal it is made of should determine what the context of the artefact could have been. The object is scheduled for conservation.

The bronze axe (by eSanok)

(after Klaudia Jawilak, iSanok, Dariusz Szuwalski, eSanok, Muzeum Historyczne W Sanoku & TVP Info)

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