Palaeolithic sites discovered in eastern Iran

Sites dating to Prehistoric, historic and Islamic eras, reaching as far back as Palaeolithic, were found in the region of the Qaen city in South Khorasan, Iran.

The ancient site (by Islamic Republic News Agency)

The artefacts were discovered in the Sar Takhteh Bazaar region. A series of stone tools were identified at the site among other artefacts, of which three percent are said to the historic era, five percent to Prehistoric era, and eighty-five percent to the Islamic era. The studied area is in agricultural use, and ploughing brings the ancient artefacts to the surface. Within the studied zone, archaeologists identified clay works dating back to the early Islamic era and some clay pieces belonging to the middle Islamic era. A mill complex was identified as well as four warehouse docks in the present settlement areas and three dikes one of which has been abandoned and the two others are still being used. Mines, workshops, furnaces and other works were also discovered with most of the mines being used for copper extraction and except for one the remaining are still being in use. Some of the discovered bronze objects are said to resemble these found in Turkmenistan.

(after Islamic Republic News Agency)

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