Triangular Bronze Age enclosure found

Excavation in Chichester, England, revealed a Bronze Age settlement and enclosure being part of the ancient Chichester Entrenchments, a system of earthworks which were constructed around the city from the later Iron Age, circa 100 BC onwards.

Triangular Bronze Age enclosure (by Archaeology South-East)

The structure was discovered prior to development of 1600 houses at the site. Archaeologists estimate that the Bronze Age enclosure dates back to 1500-1000 BC. The feature contained large sherds of well preserved pottery. According to the researchers the Chichester Entrenchments were probably infilled during the mid Roman period. The uncovered section is about 9 m wide and 2.5m deep and would have had an associated huge earth bank.

(after Archaeology South-East & Bognor Regis Observer)

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