Underwater exploration of lake brings new finds

Local legend states that a German WW2 U-boat sunk in the Lubie lake, near Złocieniec, North-western Poland. A group of explorers searching for the wreck found a vast array of artefacts.

Portion of the finds (by Olaf Nowicki)

The research team, consisting of over 30 divers, were looking for the legendary U-boat, which is said to have been used at the local Prussian army military training ground, and objects connected with other legends surrounding the lake. One of them tells of a wedding procession that was trying to cross the frozen lake from one village to the other during winter 1944. Its members are said to have drown when the ice broke under them. There are three potential places where the group, consisting of 7 sleighs, might have drowned.

The vessel used for the survey (by Olaf Nowicki)

The researchers managed to uncover so far 10 anchors, WW2 ammunition possibly used in a Mauser rifle, and lots of trash in the amount of a couple dozens of kilogrammes. The divers managed also to clear the beach at Lubieszewo from trash. No trace of the U-boat has been found so far, but the researchers managed to confirm the past existence of the training ground of the Prussian army.

Results of underwater survey (by Olaf Nowicki)

(after Olaf Nowicki & Radio Szczecin)

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