Buddha idol unearthed at Indian village

Archaeologists discovered a 1.5-metre-high statue of Buddha with  a seven-headed snake in Govindapur near Banapur, Odisha, East India. The statue is believed to be 1400 years old.

Amateur picture of the Buddha statue (by The Asian Age)

The researchers discovered only the head protruding from the ground, with the rest of the deity still buried. The ancient idol was first discovered under a banyan tree by a student. After digging around the statue the researchers managed to uncover the seven-headed snake and later the rest of the idol. According to the experts this idol as similarities with the statues discovered earlier from Ratnagiri and Lalitgiri in Odisha’s Jajpur district. The researchers have also learned from the locals that twenty years ago, a farmer had found the statue when the upper portion of the snake’s hood was hit by his bullock cart while tilling his land. Without digging it further, he ignored it thinking it as a rock. Subsequently, people forgot the incident after a banyan tree grew near the statue almost covering it under its roots

(after The Asian Age)

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