Gold coin from 17th century found by diver in Moscow

Amateur treasure hunter discovered a 400-year-old gold coin at the bottom of the Yauza River in Moscow, Russia. The coin is said to be worth over 15000 Euro.

Gold coin found in Yauza (by Oleg Markov)

The man maid the discovery while sweeping the riverbed with a search magnet. The coin was discovered because it was stuck to a metallic pivot that was buried deep within the silt. After cleaning, the coin was identified as a gold ugorsky chervonets minted during the reign of Russian Tsar Boris Godunov (1598-1605). Such coins weren’t used as currency but were issued as a reward for martial valour. It is considered extremely rare, as only six such coins have been found to date.

Gold ugorsky chervonets of Tzar Boris Godunov (by & Sputnik

(after Sputnik, Oleg Markov & )

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