Log boat discovered in a lake

A 6-metre-long log boat was discovered on the bottom of the Niedzięgiel lake, near Skorzęcin, by an amateur diver.

Details of the log boat (by Informacjelokalne.pl & Adam Witczak)

The diver initially thought he discovered a wooden log on the bottom, but after clearing a portion of the find he realised it was a wooden boat. The discovery was made at a depth of 8,5 metres. The man immediately informed the heritage authorities, which had no previous record of a wreckage of this kind at the given location. After a month the artefact was listed within the official registry and is now protected by law.

Remains of the log boat (by Informacjelokalne.pl & Adam Witczak)
The log boat on the lake’s bottom (by Informacjelokalne.pl & Adam Witczak)

(after Informacjelokalne.pl & Adam Witczak)

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