Medieval brewery discovered in Lincoln

Archaeologists continuing their work along the Lincoln Eastern Bypass, United Kingdom, discovered remains of a Medieval brewery used by monks.

Remains of the Medieval brewery (by Lincolnshire Live)

The complex of buildings was discovered near Washingborough Road on the outskirts of Lincoln. The buildings were in use between c. 1000-1500 AD. Archaeologists discovered the remains within a large area of rubble. The site was covered with thousands of artefacts such as pottery, animal bone, and roof tiles. Archaeologists discovered many overlapping and intercutting foundations of walls and floors, yards and cellars, intercut with drains, wells and rubbish pits. The archaeologists are confident that these buildings were part of the monastic grange belonging to the monks of Kirkstead Abbey. Among the more puzzling finds was a pair of rectangular structures with smoke-blackened floor and flue on the side – a gap in the stones. it is believed this structure was a malt kiln, where barley was turned slowly into malt, to be brewed into beer.

(after Lincolnshire Live)

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