Part of German WW2 Nebelwerfer mortar found

Part of a jet engine belonging to a German WW2 Nebelwerfer missile was found by a farmer ploughing the field in Gołąb, near Puławy, East Poland.

Part of the jet engine (by Policja Lubelska)

The large metal object was identified by a Police pyrotechnist. The missile could still hold rocket fuel which is toxic and combustible, therefore sappers were called to the site. It was established that the find might be connected to the attack of the Bataliony Chłopskie (Peasants’ Battalions) partisans, a Polish World War II resistance movement, guerrilla and partisan organisation, on a German ammunition train on August 12th-13th, 1943. As a result of the explosion the ammunition carried by the train was scattered in the vicinity of the place of attack. The Nebelwerfer mortar was a variety of rocket launchers ranging in size from 15 to 32 centimetres firing shells containing gases, fluids or high-explosives.

(after Puławy24 & Policja Lubelska)

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