Rare idol found in Indian village

Several idols, including a rare Yoga Narasimha (an avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu) idol, were found in Penpahad village, Telangana, India. The finds date to between 1st-3rd century AD.

The Yoga Narasimha idol (by Deccan Chronicle)

Archaeologist have also discovered ruins of a Shiva temple, which had idols of the deities Maisasuramardhini, Nandi, Naga, Naga Devatha and Bhairava. Among other finds were pieces of red ware pottery, black ware hookah, terracotta beads and three ratna (jewel) symbols of Buddhists. The Shiva temple is believed to date to 13th-14th century.

Red ware pottery found at the site (by Deccan Chronicle)

(after Deccan Chronicle)

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