Remains of a ghetto gate found in East Poland

Remains of a gate leading to the Jewish ghetto established by the Nazis in occupied Poland was found in Białystok, East Poland. The gate lead to the ghetto from the Czysta street.

Details of the gate’s remains (by Henryk Korzenny)

The Czysta street is undergoing renovation since autumn, According to the initial plan the paved surface and the remains of a wooden pole of the gate were to be restored. Prior to excavations the experts believed that the pole was the only element left of the gate leading to the ghetto, but a large element of the structure was revealed under the pavement.

Excavations at the site (by Henryk Korzenny)

According to the experts remains of four separate poles were discovered along with two wooden logs connecting them. The upper side of the logs seems to be slightly damaged but the construction is said to be clearly visible. the experts are sure that these structures are the remain of a wooden gate of the ghetto. The officials are now developing a plan to protect and exhibit the remains, as they are located at a site scheduled to be a drive-in to a plot of houses which will be under construction soon. A part of the wooden gate that has broken off is said to be donated to the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw.

Remains of a wooden pole visible in the Czysta street prior to excavations (by Henryk Korzenny)

(after Henryk Korzenny & Bia24)

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