Remains of a Maxim machine gun found at a beach

An accidental find of a Maxim gun, the first recoil-operated machine gun invented in 1883, was made at a beach in Łukęcin, North-western Poland by a man strolling along the shore.

The Maxim machine gun (by TVN24)

The man who made the find was walking along the shore with intentions of fishing, when he stumbled across the remains of the heavy machine gun buried in sand. Experts from the local museum (Muzeum Historii Ziemi Kamieńskiej) believe that the remains believe to a Russian Pulemyot Maxima PM1910 machine gun, possibly manufactured in the late 19th cent. This type of weapon was used by the Russian Imperial Army and alter by the Soviet. Although the gun has rusted the experts believe that there should be no problems with its conservation and later exhibition in the museum.

The discovery of the machine gun (by TVN24)

(after TVN24)

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