Rich ornamented tin coffin unearthed by cemetery workers

Cemetery workers digging up a new grave at Kamień Pomorski, North-western Poland, discovered a richly ornamented led coffin, possibly dating to early 20th century.

Metal fittings of the coffin (by Muzeum Historii Ziemi Kamieńskiej)

The coffin was found at a depth of 108 centimetres. It was heavily damaged by the pressure of the ground, compressing it to a thickness of 10 centimetres with a length of 160 centimetres. The experts believe that the original length of the coffin was 180 cm, but are unable to determine who was buried inside, beside it was an adult individual. Decorative fittings of the coffin survived, including two handles, screws and a leg in a shape of a lion’s paw. This indicates that the deceased must have been a wealthy person.

Details of the fittings (by Muzeum Historii Ziemi Kamieńskiej)
Details of the fittings (by Muzeum Historii Ziemi Kamieńskiej)

(after Muzeum Historii Ziemi Kamieńskiej & TVN24)

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