Ship filled with treasures stolen by Nazis found off coast of Crimea

Wreck of the steamer “Boy Feddersen”, sunk on 14th August, 1941, was found off coast of Eupatoria, Crimea, by Russian researchers. The ship is said to have been filled with treasures stolen by the Nazis during their WW2 campaign on the Crimean Peninsula.

Sonar picture of the ship (by NTV)

The wreckage was discovered on the sea bottom between Sevastopol and Cape Tarkhankut. The steamer was built in 1914 in Germany and used by the British and Spaniards. In 1931 it was bought by the Soviet Union, serving under the name “Kharkov”. It became the largest vessel of the Black Sea Shipping Company in the pre-war period. After the ship was damaged in 1941 it had to be left in Nikolaev. The Nazis raised it, repaired and renamed the vessel to “Boy Feddersen”. It was used as a military transport ship from the ports of Romania to Sevastopol. he steamer sank in August 1943 after the attack of Soviet aircraft and submarine. The ship rests on the sea bottom on a depth of around 90 metres. Further investigation of the shipwreck is scheduled.

Sonar picture of the ship (by NTV)

(after NTV)

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    Rear of build is incorrect above. Should be 1914, not 1941.

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