Cross from a Byzantine chapel stolen in Turkey

A cross from a Byzantine chapel dating back to the 12 century, located outside the ancient city of Myra, Turkey’s Antalya province, was reported to have been stolen.

Byzantine chapel outside Myra (by DHA Photo)

The 20-centimeter marble cross was positioned at the western entrance of the chapel. A family living close to the chapel initially informed Myra ancient city security officers that the cross was missing. The authorities believe that the cross had been stolen between May 25-29th. An investigation had been launched into its disappearance.  The Byzantine chapel was unearthed in 2010. The chapel is situated 5.5 meters below the surface, and it is closed off to visitors and covered to protect it from the rain. The entrance of the chapel also includes stone figures of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Saint Nicholas.

(after DHA Photo & Daily Sabah)

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