Execution wall found at former communist prison

Archaeologists discovered an execution wall with bullet marks hidden under plaster at a former detention centre in Warsaw that was used by the communist regime to incarcerate and exterminate Polish underground freedom fighters during 1945-1955.

The execution wall (by Paweł Balinowski)

The former detention centre Warszawa-Mokotów is to become a museum of Polish underground fighters and prisoners of Polish People’s Republic – Muzeum Żołnierzy Wyklętych i Więźniów Politycznych PRL. Currently the building is being studied by experts before it becomes adapted for the purposes of the museum. Within the building archaeologists of Institute of Polish Remembrance discovered a wall with bullet marks that possibly served for execution of Polish freedom fighters.

Bullet marks on the wall (by Paweł Balinowski)

Testimonies of inmates of the detention centre confirm that there were executions conducted by the soviets. The wall was discovered by the prison boiler room, between the bath and the clothing store. It seems the individuals were executed with use of handguns and machine guns. It is estimated that nearly 350-400 people were executed by shot’s to the back of the head in the detention centre.

(after Paweł Balinowski & RMF24)

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