Mysterious glass jars unearthed at cemetery opened and inspected

During cleaning and revitalisation works at an Evangelical cemetery in Gostków, South-western Poland, four glass jars were dug out, revealing their mysterious content.

Jars dug out in Gostków (by Fundacja Anna w Gostkowie, Archiwum Państwowe we Wrocławiu)

The jars were discovered a couple of centimetres under surface as the workers were moving statues and tomb stones from the cemetery. The jars were in different sizes and were found laying flat, next to each other under one of the tombstones. Through the glass parts of old newspapers written in German were visible. Date on one of the newspapers indicated that the find pre-dates World War 2.

Unwrapping of the clothes (by Fundacja Anna w Gostkowie, Archiwum Państwowe we Wrocławiu)

After the find was reported to the local heritage office, the containers were transferred, and eventually opened. One of four jars was allegedly empty, but others held photos, newspapers, and clothes. In one of them a white blouse was found, in another one a black dress, and an incomplete jacket in the last one. Researchers believe that the clothes resemble a typical coffin outfit, but it is unknown why it ended within the jars. More mysterious is the question why the jacket was unfinished and incomplete. Also the location of the find is surprising, as the containers were found by a man’s tombstone. The experts decided that the find does not possess historic value, therefore will be returned to the finders.

Clothes found in the jars (by Fundacja Anna w Gostkowie, Archiwum Państwowe we Wrocławiu)

(after Fundacja Anna w Gostkowie, Archiwum Państwowe we Wrocławiu, TVN24 & Radio Wroclaw)

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