Shipwreck of WW2 destroyer discovered by company created by Microsoft co-founder

A wreck of an Italian naval destroyer  IT Artigliere was discovered at a depth of 3700 metres off Sicily’s eastern shore by a research vessel belonging to Vulcan Inc., a company created by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Shipwreck of a naval destroyer (by Vulcan Inc.)

The vessel has been found 77 years after sinking, and was left undisturbed by the crew of the R/V Petrel vessel belonging to Vulcan Inc. The ship was reported being in good condition and easy to identify. Due to little oxygen and cold at the depth of 3700 metres there was very little corrosion or encrustation reported on the surface of the wreck. The documentation, along with the location of the wreck collected by the remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV), enabled Italian naval authorities to confirm the sunken destroyer’s identity.

(after Live Science & Vulcan Inc.)

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