Stash of WW2 ammunition found during house raid

Criminal Police officers from Lidzbark, Northern Poland, discovered a stash of illegal ammunition dating back to World War 2 that was being held in a private flat in the city.

Some of the discovered ammunition (after Archiwum Policji)

The raid was made after anonymous information about potential possession of unexploded ordnance. A patrol sent to investigate the case found several mortar bombs, two complete missiles, some disassembled bullets, about 20 intact ones, and some explosive powder. Further inspection revealed that in a garage rented by the same man more corroded shell casings were stored and a number of drilled projectiles.

World War 2 bullets (after Archiwum Policji)

It turned out that the man collected ammunition, drilled it, and recovered the powder. The individual has been arrested for illegal possession of ammunition and explosive substances. The 44-year-old male is facing from 6 months to 8 years in jail.

Disassembled ammunition (after Archiwum Policji)

(after Gazeta Olsztyńska & Archiwum Policji)

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