Ancient well of water with supposed healing properties discovered

Archaeologists unearthed a 2700-year-old well in ancient Greek city of Parion, Çanakkale province of Turkey. The water from the well was believed to possess healing properties and to be the source of beauty in the region.

The well with the holy water (by AA Photo)

Parion, also called Parium, was an ancient Greek city founded in 709 BC. During many years of excavations archaeologists managed to uncover sarcophagi, and graves, as well as numerous ancient artefacts. The recently discovered well still contains water that can be extracted from the bottom. So far excavations have unearthed nine wells in the ancient site, which is believed to have experienced chronic water shortages. Archaeologists believe these shortages were overcome  through construction of aqueducts and water wells located in various areas of the site. At present only one of the wells still has drinking water, which is believed to have healing properties as mentioned by ancient sources. These properties were beneficial for the skin and stomach disorders and the beauty of the ancient women of this region attributed to this water.

Excavations at the site (by AA Photo)

(after Daily Sabah & AA Photo)

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