Cache of over 2000 bombs found in a forest

A forest ranger discovered some unexploded ordnance in a forest near Sierpc, Central Poland. After informing the local Police sappers conducted excavations at the site, unearthing over 2000 bombs and missiles dating back to World War 2.

Site of excavations (by Tygodnik Płocki)

Experts concluded that the objects were mostly artillery shells from World War 2. Police officers secured the site and set road blocks in the surrounding area. During two days of fieldwork sappers have uncovered over 2000 objects of various size and calibre, ranging from rifle ammunition to rockets, artillery shells, and air bombs weighting nearly 100 kilogrammes each. The objects were extracted and removed from the forest to a secure location.

Details of the bombs (by Tygodnik Płocki)
The site of the discovery (by Tygodnik Płocki)

(after Tygodnik Płocki & Komenda Powiatowa Policji w Sierpcu)

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