Digital reconstruction of an Iron Age hillfort

A digital reconstruction of an Iron Age hillfort of White Caterthurn, Angus, Scotland, has been created by a photographer during his during PhD research.


Digital reconstruction of White Catherturn hillfort (by Kieran Baxter)

The hillfort is one of the Caterthuns – two prehistoric hillforts built on neighbouring hills in the Grampian Mountains. These two sites, known as the Brown and White Caterthuns were built during the Iron Age. The photographer, Kieran Baxter, created a digital reconstruction in form of a movie, combining aerial photography from a boom, kite and light aircraft, and creative visualisation technologies. The artist’s goal is bringing some of the Scotland’s most iconic ruins and archaeological sites back to life with his films, based on archaeological evidence. The movie won the Arts and Humanities Research Council Research in Film Awards 2016.

Digital image of the hillfort (by Kieran Baxter)

Other movies by the author consist of a fly-past of the Jarlshof prehistoric and Norse settlement site in the Shetland Islands. This and other productions  can be seen under the following LINK.

(after Kieran Baxter & The Herald)

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