Five Ottoman-era Qurans seized at Cairo International Airport

Five Ottoman era Qurans from Ethiopia were among objects seized at Cairo International Airport, Egypt, and were verified by Cairo Antiques Unit as authentic.

One of the Qurans (by Egypt Independent)

The books were found within three parcels. They were written in Naskh handwriting (a style of Arabic cursive writing) and leather-bound. Some of the seized Qurans were not organized according to the Quran’s normal index but were just a collection of some of the Quran’s verses. The books are reported to be in a very bad state of conservation and are in dire need of restoration work. Within the parcels six sword hilts carved from animal bones and a water container made of leather were also found.

Other artefacts, including sword hilts, seized at the airport (by Egypt Independent)


The Quran from Ottoman era (by Egypt Independent)

(after Egypt Independent)

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