Foundations of Roman fortifications discovered under church

Archaeologists uncovered ancient Roman fort foundations under St John the Baptist Church in Reedham, Norfolk, United Kingdom.

Archaeologists at the site (by University of Reading)

After five years of excavations and geophysical research scientists have uncovered foundations of a fortlet, which may have been used by Roman army soldiers to guard the East coast from marauding tribesmen. Judging from the similarity in uncovered materials to the one that stood in Brancaster, researchers date the find to between 225-250 AD. The church was partially built from recycled Roman building materials but now a bed of mortar have been found indicating that a Roman structure stood at the site prior to the church.

Uncovered foundations (by University of Reading)
St John the Baptist Church (by James Bass)

(after Great Yarmouth Mercury, James Bass & University of Reading)

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