Gallipoli battle cannonball explodes as amateur tries to open it

A fisherman in Erenköy, Turkey, who tried to open a found Gallipoli battle cannonball with a saw to obtain powder, was killed. Police investigating his house have found additional archaeological artefacts.

Artefacts found at the suspect’s home (by Hurriyet Daily News)

Following the blast which killed the 73-year-old, the local gendarmerie completed an investigation and seized numerous objects considered artefacts in his house. They include binoculars, various types of binocular cases, cartridge bullets, a yatagan sword, a double-barreled rifle, a compass, a compass case, 54 historic coins, 17 metal objects, one cross, silver, bronze and copper coins and 112 pieces of post-Ottoman and Roman era artefacts. The seized artefacts were delivered to the Çanakkale Military Museum Command and Archeology Museum in the town.

(after Hurriyet Daily News)

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