Mass evacuation due to WW2 bomb – next day another one found

Nearly 10000 people had to be evacuated from the areas of Zaścianek and Grabówka near Białystok, North-eastern Poland, due to the discovery of a 500kg air bomb. The bomb was removed but a next one was found few days later at the same site.

The air bomb found at the site (by Urząd Miasta Białystok)

Both air bombs date back to World War 2. They were discovered at the construction site of the bypass south of Białystok. Few days after the discovery of the first one, the people from the neighbouring area had to be evacuated for safety reasons so that the sappers could transport it to military grounds in Orzysz for detonation. The operation has been conducted on a Sunday but one day after another bomb was discovered at the site. The first bomb is said to have the weight of 500 kilograms of which nearly 220 kg consisted of explosive material. According to the experts it dates back to either 1941 or 1944, when the German Army and Russian Army thought in the vicinity of Białystok.

The first air bomb as found (by Kontakt 24)

Ironically the second bomb was discovered in Białystok just two hours after the detonation of the first one at Orzysz. The latter was discovered four metres away from the site of the first one by sappers hired by the construction company. The second bomb was reported as being smaller, weighting around 50 kg, and potentially less destructive than the first. It was not found during last assessment of the site because it was buried deeper underground. You can see a video with the detonation of the first bomb here:,755693,s.html

(after RMF24, Kontakt24, Urząd Miasta Białystok, Białystok Online & TVN24)

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