Numerous Iron Age artefacts recovered by Police

Police officers from Miastko and Szczecin, Poland, were able to recover over 200 archaeological artefacts dating back to Early Iron Age which are said to have been illegally unearthed in Miastko earlier this year. The artefacts consist of vessels and jewellery attributed to the people of Lusatian culture.

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Last May Police officers from Miastko were informed by the local Heritage office about a case of illegal excavations and theft of archaeological artefacts dating to the Early Iron Age. After analysing the facts and gathering information they were lead to an inhabitant of Miastko, who could poses some of the finds. During a raid at his house Police secured 11 archaeological artefacts, including necklaces, bracelets, and fibulae. The officers then followed new clues.

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Lead to a house in Szczecin, North-west Poland, the officers were able to detain suspects and secure further archaeological artefacts. It was revealed that these men have handed over some of these items to a museum in Koszalin – these artefacts were reported as having been found near Biały Bór and not Miastko. It was established that the so-called “treasure from Miastko” consisted originally of over 200 items dating back to 800 BC, and considered unique in the Pomerania region and whole Poland, possibly being the largest trove in the country. The individuals detained in the case now face up to 10 years of prison.

Early Iron Age jewellery (by
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