Remains of soldiers found by archaeologists aided by sappers

Archaeologists discovered remains of WW2 soldiers in a mass grave dated to the time of the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 at a cemetery in Dobrzyków, central Poland. Scientists were aided by sappers due to uncovering unexploded ordnance.

Remains of the soldiers (by Teraz Gąbin)
Site of excavations (by Teraz Gąbin)

Archaeologists from the Institute of National Remembrance working at the site since first days of July discovered remains of 8 soldiers. It is believed that they are the fallen Polish soldiers who fought in the area of Dobrzyków against the invading German army in September 1939. By the skeletal remains unexploded ordnance was discovered, in form of grenades and rounds of ammunition, therefore soldiers from a sapper battalion  were called to the site to secure them.

Sappers at the site (by Teraz Gąbin)
Sappers and archaeologists working at the site (by Teraz Gąbin)
Remains of the soldiers (by Teraz Gąbin)
Detail of the discovered remains (by Teraz Gąbin)

(after Teraz Gąbin, Dziennik Płocki & Teraz Gostynin)

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