Sailboat and radio from a Tiger tank among objects kept in flat

A man donated items, including a historic sailboat from 1943, a radio unit from a German Tiger tank, and photographs documenting the every-day life of citizens of Vilnius before WW2, that he kept in his flat to the Museum of Sports and Tourism in Warsaw, Poland.

The sailboat in the flat (after Warszawa w Pigułce)

The sailboat measuring 4.5 by 1.4 metres was kept by the 97-years-old man for over 4 decades in his flat of a 40-square-metre space on the 4th floor. The individual is a former WW2-freedom fighter and was a prisoner of NKVD during the communist regime in Poland. The items have been donated to the Museum of Sports and Tourism in which they will become part of exhibition.

(after Warszawa w Pigułce)

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