Wheel tracks unearthed at recently discovered Viking fortress

Archaeologists excavating the Viking ringfort at Borgring, Denmark, uncovered wheel tracks. The site is the country’s fifth Viking fortress possibly built by king Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson.

Digital model of the trench with visible trackway (by Museum of Southeast Denmark)

Since the discovery of the fortress in 2014, archaeological investigation has been conducted at the site, resulting in previous numerous finds. Most recently archaeologists discovered a set of wheel tracks near the North gate. The findings consist of long tracks full of small stones pressed down into the soil – where the carts have been driven over their top. These stones were laid down by Vikings to avoid the carts sinking. Researchers have so far revealed five metres of the small stone-filled tracks, which are approximately 90 centimetres apart. It is believed that the marks were made by four-wheeled carts, which consisted of an undercarriage with four spoked wheels and a carriage box pulled by an ox.

Excavations at the site (by Nanna Holm)

(after Science Nordic, Museum of Southeast Denmark & Nanna Holm)

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