Roman floor mosaics among discovered artefacts

Archaeologists discovered a Roman floor mosaic, an ancient inscription dating back to the early Byzantine period, and ruins of a Byzantine chapel in the Elbeyli district of Kilis, South-eastern Turkey.

Part of the mosaic (by AA Photos)

The ruins of the building were initially discovered when local security forces found out that illegal excavations were being carried out in the rural district of the town of Sağlıcak. The officers reported this to the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism who sent a team of archaeologists to the site. The mosaic, which has been partially destroyed and taken under protection, is planned to be moved to another area. According to the officials, the excavation work is expected to continue at the site in order to reveal more parts of the mosaic floor, and comprehensive studies will be carried out on it.

Ancient mosaic (by AA Photos)

(after AA Photos & Daily Sabah)

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