Finds of gold from a Roman legion fort Novae

Large piece of gold and a golden earring were discovered among other artefact during this season of excavations in a Roman legionary fort at Novae, near Svishtov, Bulgaria.

Golden earring (by Martin Lemke)

Archaeologist from University of Warsaw working at the site under supervision of Piotr Dyczek state that they have found more gold this season than in all previous years all together. The golden earring was discovered at the site of the centurion’s villa. The house was a luxurious one and abundant in finds. The researchers managed to uncover the layout of the building. They unearthed a large bath that was a part of it. Its floor was made of a waterproof mortar base. The house was also equipped in a hypocaust heating system of floors and walls. Archaeologists discovered few objects gilded with gold and a fragment – a torso – of a sculpture. The experts believe it was modelled on the Greek iconography and is the first such find in Novae.

Piece of gold (by Martin Lemke)

Among other finds was a piece of gold. The researchers believe that its value may have been the equivalent of two months worth of a legionary’s pay. An undamaged figurine of dancing Eros was found as well. It is said to have an significant artistic value as similar  figurines found at the site pictured the deity in a static pose.

Dancing Eros figurine (by Piotr Dyczek)

(after Nauka w Polsce, Martin Lemke & Piotr Dyczek)

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