Old tunnel used by KGB discovered in Riga

Construction workers unearthed a mysterious tunnel during roadworks in Riga, Latvia. The origin of the tunnel became clear when it was revealed that it led to a building that served before 1991 as the headquarters of the Latvian KGB.

Inside of the tunnel (by NTV)

The building to which the tunnel led is in the centre of the city. It is believed that the structure served as secondary means of quick escape for KGB agents if any danger occurred. The tunnel was uncovered when the workers laying new water pipes broke through its concrete wall. The corridor is rather narrow and equipped in electric light, still present today. Researchers believe that its condition would allow even present use, if it was not for an iron crate that blocks the entrance to the KGB building. Experts state that there are more tunnels in Riga still underground, that linked the buildings of special forces and communist government. The tunnel will be filled in after the exploration is complete.

The site of the construction works (by NTV)

(after Kresy.pl & NTV)

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