Trasure trove from Lubomierz stays in the local museum

The trove of valuables hidden by Germans during WW2 in Lubomierz, discovered last year, will stay on exhibition in the local monastery museum by a decision of the officials.

Valuables found in Lubomierz (by TVN24)

The trove was discovered last Autumn after the relatives of the people that have hidden the objects came to seek them. The Germans asking the locals for shovels brought the attention of the Polish Police which notified the heritage officials as a permit was needed for any actions related with search for valuable or historic items or artefacts. Eventually the trove was located and unearthed in the presence of officials.

Jewellery found in Lubomierz (by TVN24)
Rings found in the hoard (by TVN24)

The hidden treasure consisted of a couple of jars with valuables hidden inside. These artefacts consisted of watches, jewellery, coins, brooches, wallets, and other valuable objects of personal use. Among the finds was a silver cigarette case given by the Japanese delegation to the German Nazi allies in Nazi . The treasures were locked in an official safe. The mayor of Lubomierz addressed the heritage office, Treasury of the State, and local officials, to allow the valuables to stay in the town and be exhibited in the local museum. After a year long battle it was decided that the trove will stay in Lubomierz. The exhibition will start on August 12th.

Part of the jewellery (by TVN24)
Various jewellery pieces (by TVN24)

(after TVN24)

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