Lost Medieval village rediscovered in Jutland

Remains of a Medieval village that disappeared nearly 400 years ago were uncovered by archaeologists near modern-day Odder in mid-Jutland, Denmark.

Overview of the excavation site (by Moesgaard Museum)

The village which remains were unearthed by archaeologists is believed to have been called Hovedstrup. Its history stretches back as far as 1300, although the researchers speculate that it might be even older. Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of a stone paved road and three modest homes, indicated by the presence of post holes in the earth. These are typical for the late Middle Ages. The village is believed to have been abandoned in late 1600s, as during the period landlords used to often rearrange their land to accommodate new farmland or hunting grounds. According to the researchers, the site formed a small agricultural village, typical for its era.

Pebbles marking the site of the village (by Moesgaard Museum)

(after Copenhagen Post & Moesgaard Museum)

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