Remains of a MG roadster found within WW2 artillery position

Remains of a MG J2 car manufactured in 1932 was found within a World War Two artillery position during excavations at Larkhill on Salisbury Plain, United Kingdom.

Remains of the MG J2 car (by Wessex Archaeology)

Archaeologists excavating the former military site at Larkhill encountered the remains of this apparently abandoned vehicle. The Larkhill site is one of a number of areas on Salisbury Plain which will see troops re-accommodated in the UK from Germany under the Army Basing Programme. It is believed to be a pool car used by troops training in the 1960s which was dumped in a disused weapons pit. The researchers state that this particular MG J2 is pretty rare and was one of only 2083 of this model ever made, and it is believed that it had been dismantled for repair by a local soldier, but was then seemingly abandoned.

A working copy of a J2 car (by Jamie Wilson)

(after BBC News & Wessex Archaeology)

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