Parts of a Russian tank unearthed in a field

A team of treasure hunters has unearthed parts of a Russian tank that were reported by the field’s owner near Sułoszowa, South Poland.

Part of a tank unearthed in the field (by Barbara Ciryt)

The field’s owner reported that while ploughing the field he used to constantly hit parts of a military machine resting underground. He informed a friend about it, who contacted a group of amateur treasure hunters and history enthusiasts from the Geo-His association of explorers. Members of the association received the needed permits for the fieldwork and began work at the site. After initial survey with metal detectors, a mechanical digger was used in order to uncover and extract parts of a military vehicle. It turned out that they possibly belonged to a Russian tank from World War 2 as a tank cannon, parts of the side and wheels were found. The items are to undergo research and will be exhibited in a local museum. The farmer who owned the field stated that there were possible military trenches formerly at the site, as in the past some unexploded ordnance was found there as well.

(after Dziennik Polski & Barbara Ciryt)

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