Bear figurine found at a Neolithic mound

Among the artefacts discovered by archaeologists at the Yeşilova Mound, İzmir province, West Turkey, was a bear statue said to date back around 8600 years.

Bear figurine (by AA Photo)

The site is one of the oldest settlements discovered in the area of Turkey. During the excavations more than 200 important findings dating back to the Neolithic were uncovered. The bear statuette measures five centimetres in length and was made from baked clay. Archaeologist Zafer Derin believes that the bear was used as a toy, and to teach children about the wildlife. Another interesting discovery is a 5,000-year-old baby bottle that resembles a little sparrow. Archaeologist also unearthed a little 8000-year-old sculpture of a house. According to the researchers it gives crucial details about the architecture of the Neolithic period

A baby bottle found at the site (by AA Photo)

(after AA Photo & Daily Sabah)


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