Children’s toys discovered inside Hellenistic tombs

Archaeologists discovered toys inside tombs of children at a Hellenistic Period necropolis of the ancient seaport city of Parion, North-West Turkey.

Ancient toys found in the tombs (by AA Photo)

Parion, or Parium, was an ancient Greek city founded in 709 BC. The 2000-year-old toys were discovered during the latest season of excavations lead by Atatürk University’s Hasan Kasaoğlu. The researchers believe the toys were put within tombs as grave goods and gifts for dead children. Female figurines were found in tombs belonging to girls, while male figures were found in tombs belonging to boys. According to the archaeologists besides the human figurines, animal and mythological figurines were also found in the tombs, believed to be buried with the aim to accompany the children on their journey to the afterlife. In the area around the same necropolis an ancient baby bottle was discovered earlier.

Ancient toys found in the tombs (by AA Photo)

(after Daily Sabah & AA Photo)

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