Chinese jade amulet discovered at Bulgaria’s coast

An ancient Chinese jade amulet, made probably during the reign of the Yuan Dynasty (13-14th cent. AD) was discovered at Cape Kaliakra, North-East Bulgaria.

The jade amulet found at Cape Kaliakra (by Novinite)

The artefact was discovered during excavations of the ancient and Medieval fortress at Cape Kaliakra by archaeologists led by Bonie Petrunova. This is the first of its kind found in Bulgaria. The amulet features a small falcon scene hunting wild goose among lotus flowers. According to the researchers the spring awakening scene of nature has a symbolic significance for prosperity and success. The item dates back to the 14th century and was used as a buckle in the uniform of Chinese and nomadic peoples. Imperial jade is extremely revered in China as a stone-healer and may have been transported to Bulgaria with the Golden Horde as a donation to some of the rulers of the Dobrudzha despotism. It is also believed that the amulet may have travelled along the trade routes from Venice, with which the Dobrudzha despotism has maintained good connections.

(after Novinite)

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