Iron treasure found within a Medieval oven

Archaeologist discovered an unbroken pottery vessel filled with a treasure of iron objects, hidden within an oven dating back to 10th century, in Bojná near Topoľčany, Slovakia.

The iron treasure (by Karol Pieta)

The discovery consists of 36 metal slabs and bars called hrivna, which were us currency, bridle bits from a horse harness, two keys from a Slavic settlement and other iron objects. According to the archaeologist Karol Pieta from the Archaeological Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences the oven with the treasure was found on the west fortified area in front of the castle near the Great Moravian fortification Bojná I – Valy. The earthen-ware pot stood in its original place, in the oven, surviving more than 1,100 years unbroken. It is assumed that the inhabitants hid the precious iron objects in a functioning oven when the fortification was suddenly invaded.

(by Karol Pieta & The Slovak Spectator)

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