Rondel-like structure noticed by aerial archaeologists

A fortified structure consisting of concentric features was noticed by aerial archaeologist near Oława, South Poland. The researchers believe the structure may be 7000 years old.

Aerial view of the fortified settlement (by Piotr Wroniecki)

The structure was noticed during summer by archaeologists Piotr Wroniecki and Krzysztof Wieczorek who were conducting aerial survey in Southern Poland, in search for formerly unknown archaeological sites. According to archaeologist Mirosław Furmanek of the University of Wrocław, the observed cropmarks indicate presence of an archaeological structure, possibly a monumental fortified site that consists of concentric rings of ditches. The researches believes that the features might be remains of a Neolithic fortified circular enclosure, called a rondel. The site might date back to between 4900-4600. Basing on the discoveries the archaeologist were able to reconstruct the structure – it was an enclosure fortified by two rows of ditches and a triple palisade on the inner side. Four, regularly placed entrances led to the interior of the structure. The researchers plan to carry out further investigation of the site, with use of non-invasive techniques, including geophysical measurements with application of GPR. In recent months another rondel-like structure, located in North-West Poland, has been discovered and recently researched by archaeologists.

(after Nauka w Polsce, Piotr Wroniecki & Mirosław Furmanek)

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