Broken statues of gods discovered in ancient city

Archaeologists uncovered parts of a statue depicting gods in the ancient Greek city of Anazarbus, Adana Province, South Turkey. The statue shows the goddess Hygeia and god Eros.

The statues of Hygeia and Eros (by AA Photo)

The statue is made of limestone and survived broken into two parts with the head of the goddess missing. It is believed to date back to the third or fourth century BC.  Hygieia is the Greek goddess of hygiene, one of the six daughters of Asclepius, god of health, pointing back to the city’s medicinal progress. Nedim Dervişoğlu, Director of the Adana Museum, states that the ancient pharmacologist Dioskurides, who worked in the army during the Roman period and who attracted attention with the medicines he made, lived in Anazarbus. Archaeological fieldwork continues in order to find the statue’s missing head.

(after AA Photo & Daily Sabah)

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