Bronze Age burial found near Loch Ness

Archaeologists uncovered a Bronze Age grave in an area where the new Drumnadrochit Medical Centre is being developed, in Drumnadrochit, near Loch Ness, Scotland.

Site of excavations (by AOC Archaeology Group)

The grave was discovered in an area where two years ago another Bronze Age burial containing human remains was found. The latest grave had filled with soil causing degradation to the pit, but a single Beaker pot was found. According to the researchers  the decorated pot may have held an offering to the person who was buried in the cist. Mary Peteranna from AOC Archaeology states that the discovery of a second Bronze Age cist on the site provides increasing evidence for the special selection of this site in the prehistoric landscape as a location for ceremonial funerary activity.

The Bronze Age burial in two phases of exploration (by AOC Archaeology Group)

The small beaker has been identified as similar to other Scottish examples dating to between 2200-1900 BC. Archaeologists know that there was a large cairn shown on maps of the area but centuries of ploughing in these fields have removed any upstanding reminders of prehistoric occupation. The researchers also found a displaced capstone from another grave that either has not survived or has not yet been discovered.

A beaker found in the grave (by AOC Archaeology Group)

(after AOC Archaeology Group & BBC News)

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