Copper extraction site and workshops discovered in Oman

Archaeologists discovered what are believed to be the oldest Bronze Age towers and workshops that produced copper at Al Khashba in Wilayat of Al Mudhaibi, Oman.

Pieces of copper found at the site (by Times of Oman)

The discovery was made by a German delegation of scientists from Tubingen University. The site dates back to the third millennium BC and is related to the extraction and production of copper. Carbon dating proved that the site dated back to 3100 BC or the Hafeet period. Excavation in one of the stone towers indicated it was the oldest of the Bronze Age towers in Oman. The mission also found what are believed to be the oldest copper production workshops. The work at the site started in 2015 and besides clay and stone buildings in the Al Khashba area, many more sites and stone towers were discovered and documented in villages and towns of the North Eastern Province.

Overview of the excavation site Times of Oman

(after Times of Oman)

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