Headless statue of Aphrodite found at construction site

Construction works at a metro station in Thessaloniki, Greece, led to the discovery of an ancient headless statue of a Greek goddess, Aphrodite.

The statue of Aphrodite (by Life-Events)

The discovery was made near a fountain complex at the Aghia Sofia station. Chairman of Attiko Metro SA, Yannis Mylopoulos, stated that the statue is one of 300000 artefacts discovered during excavations at the metro site. Among other findings are well-preserved multi-coloured floor mosaics dating back to the 4th century AD, probably belonging to a large public building complex or urban villas, also remains of a bath in the complex, which is believed to have been used right up until the 5th century. The excavations at the site are said to be still in progress, and are expected to bring more intriguing finds.

(after Neos Kosmos & Life-Events)

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