Road construction leads to ancient discovery

A road construction project in the area of Hamedan, West Iran, lead to discovery of artefacts dating back to the Median Era between 8th-7th centuries BC.

Excavations at the site (by Tehran Times)

The site is connected with the ancient Median capital of Ecbatana which is located on Tell Hagmatana (Tappe-ye Hagmatāna) near Hamadan. Archaeologists working at the site have unearthed artefacts which include centuries-old tools and remains of pottery vessels. Additionally, two stone coffins dating back to Sassanid Era (224 to 651 AD) were discovered in the area. The excavations are reported to be still ongoing. Ecbatana was chosen as the Medes’ capital in the late 8th century BC and later became a summer residence and finally the capital again of the the Achaemenid Persian kings. The site is known for being the site of the murder of the Macedonian general Parmenion by order of Alexander the Great in 330 BC.

(after Tehran Times)

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