Various finds from an ancient city

Archaeologists unearthed Islamic graves, pottery fragments, animal bones and other artefacts during research of the ancient city of Gorgan, North Iran.

Excavations at Gorgan (by Islamic Republic News Agency)

Mohammed Mortezaei, head of the latest season of excavations states that a large number of wasters, hubs, furnace tripods, and deformed pottery were observed and collected which lend further proof to the verification of the hypothesis for the establishment of claywork workshops in that part of the city of Gorgan. Archaeologists managed to obtain a collection of diversified and abundant pottery pieces of all common types in the city of Gorgan. Moreover, many artefacts were found, including further pottery pieces, clay tripods, unfinished pottery vessels including unbaked ones were also discovered. The researchers also found furnace ash and remains of human bones, of which the latter are believed to date to the Islamic Period. Archaeologists consider locating the pottery workshops as one of the main achievements of the past, seventh season of excavations. The area where the study was conducted was chosen on the basis of the field surveys in the 2010s in the vicinity of the southern side of the city of Gorgan and in Chay Boei on the northern edge of the Chel Chay River where a large number of artefacts indicating the presence of such features were located.

(after Islamic Republic News Agency)

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