Artillery shell found on the sidewalk

An artillery shell dating back to World War 2 was discovered by a Police patrol in Gdańsk, North Poland. The object was found placed on the sidewalk. 

Municipal Police officer by the object (by Straż Miejska Gdańsk)

The joint patrol of Police and Municipal Police was called late at night by members of a private security force that discovered the unexploded ordnance by Nowotna Street. The area was located in a distance from nearest residential buildings. The Police secured the nearby area and called in the specialists. Sappers identified the object as an artillery shell. It measured 60 centimetres in length and was of 80 or 100 millimetre calibre. After 9 hours the shell was taken by the military from Elbląg.

Artillery shell found in Gdańsk (by Straż Miejska Gdańsk)

(after Straż Miejska Gdańsk)

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